About Truffler

We tend to think that we're a pretty normal family. We also happen to make truffles to support drinking water projects around our planet. We believe in doing what's right, and part of that is to help those in need. Every Truffler chocolate helps lend a hand, heal a heart, reach a soul.

It all started just after Christmas 2012, when we realized as a family that we spend waaay too much money on ourselves for stuff we really don’t need and that makes very little difference. We all decided that we’d look for ways to save a certain amount of money over the next year (similar to the amount that we’d typically spend on ourselves at Christmas) and give it towards a cause that we believed in. We chose a water project through Compassion Canada, and collectively set aside our spare change, looked for ways that we could economize in some areas, and even sold some stuff that had accumulated in our house.

Around that same time, Chris started making chocolate truffles, just for something fun to do. It turns out, he’s pretty good at it. After sharing them with a few friends and colleagues, he decided to make it into a bit of a business. It's grown from there, to a point that the whole family is involved.

Chris and Liam are in charge of making your tasty truffles. Mom & Dad try to keep things somewhat organized and on track, and clean up the inevitable messes.