With your help, we're been able to support a variety of projects around the world. For every dozen truffles sold, we contribute $5 to help those in need.

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Water & Sanitation in East Africa

We're currently forwarding proceeds to Compassion Canada to help provide safe drinking water, sanitary latrines and community education. This work in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia is saving lives and making an important difference.

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Rainwater Gathering System in Uganda

In 2014 we supported a rainwater gathering system in Uganda. This system consisted of cisterns and piping to collect, store, clean, and distribute rainwater to families in rural Uganda.

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Drinking Water Well in Tanzania

In 2013 we raised funds that helped drill a well in a village in Tanzania. The result is a sustainable source of safe drinking water for children and their families.

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Relief for Typhoon Haiyan

In November of 2013, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recoded devastated Southeast Asia, particularly The Philippines. With your help, we were able to contribute towards relief and rescue efforts.

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Restoration Work in Moore Oklahoma

A bit closer to home, on May 20, 2013, Moore OK was hit by an F5 tornado that took 24 lives flattened hundreds of homes and buildings. In November of that year, Chris and Angela traveled to Moore to help. You helped too.

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